Beacon Tower condo lobby
A low ceiling lobby felt dwarfed by the soaring exterior approach. Faux finished & mirrored walls, wood trim, local art work, custom floor tiled logo & glass film borders create a heightened sense of place
Beacon Tower lobby
Compact custom built-in bench seating & wooden planters add privacy within glass walls
Brechin condo lobby
Built-in upholstered seating with wooden shelving warm & organize a small condo entryway
Harbour City condo
Residents on each floor chose unique sea-life images, set in window framed rain glass mirrors, to lighten elevator entries.
Harbour City Condos
New carpet, wall paint & lighting give a bright calm new elegance to hallways. A hermit crab is the icon for this floor.
St. Paul's Anglican Church
Behind the carved oak altar, a new deep blue wall colour & rich velvet ecclesiastic seasonal banners focus attention on the stunning stained glass windows.

In the church entry new custom lighting mimics the original metalwork chandeliers.
Built-in cabinetry, message centre & exterior worship notice cabinet blend seamlessly with original oak paneling.
Foothills Sales Centre
Comfortable earth tones & textures for an eco-development sales office.
Foothills Sales Centre
Bringing nature indoors to visualize custom homes & amenities in a stellar ocean view community
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