A Welcoming Entry
Comfortable residential style seating compliments soothing natural colours & finishes in a Dementia Care facility
Day Services
A calming colour scheme & supportive furniture create an easy feeling in a series of Dementia Care services rooms
Nanaimo Sleep Clinic
A sense of home is a top priority for sleep patients to relax. The clinic layout was designed & built for smooth operation, comfort & sound proof rooms.
Sleep Clinic Reception
Cork flooring with an area carpet buffer noise in the clinic waiting room. Existing chairs were
Sleep Clinic Offices
Sleep medicine offices double as assessment & patient over night sleep rooms.
Sleep Clinic Patient Rooms
Custom built Murphy bed cabinets also conceal patient monitoring equipment. Blackout lined drapery with a ceiling mounted valance ensure a dark silent sleep space.
In-Patient Psych Unit
Island nature photos & seating in soothing colours brighten the patient dining room
Residential Atmosphere
The psych unit hallway feels less long & narrow with flooring area insets in calming colours
Psych Unit Meeting Room
Comfortable easy chairs in a meeting room circle, upholstered in leather-like vinyl for easy cleaning
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